Alexander Jay Boyce is a multi-media artist from Portland, Oregon. Inspired by technology, cartoons, and video games. Alex's work is playful and experimental, often combining retro style with futuristic ideas.

Working together with local art collective / record label Futro Records, Alex creates music videos, projection performances and visual installations.

Utilizing the media-focused programming environment, Max/MSP/Jitter, Alex creates visual tools and instruments including two Mac OS X applications available to download for free, VideoThing and AudioThing.

Utilizing live video programming and manipulation, Alex adds an immersive visual element to bands, DJ's, and other performers.

Alex has bent and created electronic devices to create inventions such an the interactive video installation TVThing.

With much experience splicing and dicing visual media, Alex works well with Final Cut Pro and the Adobe Suite.

Wanting to create an immersive experience, interaction and improvisation are common in Alex's creations.

Experimenting with music software, synthesizers and drum machines, Alex also works on creating music.

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